United States

Over the past 30 years, Geiger Brothers has completed a number of various infrastructure projects for contractors performing work on behalf of the U. S. Department of Energy at its Pike County, Ohio, uranium enrichment complex.

Other Geiger Brothers work at the Pike County plant and at its sister site at Paducah, Kentucky, is discussed on the “Nuclear” page of this web site.

In 2010, Geiger Brothers was responsible for installing new tower cooling water supply and return piping for the water cooled chillers in the X-300 Plant Control Facility and the X-710 Laboratory. The project involved fabrication of new and modification of existing pipe bents, below grade isolations and connections to existing cooling water piping, and line routing the area near the future cooling tower for the soon-to-be-built Dry Air Plant.

Subsequently under contract to CDM, doing “fast-track” construction of the X-670 Dry Air Plant, X-670A Cooling Towers and X-675 Nitrogen Station, Geiger Brothers was responsible for pipe support and pipe spool fabrication and installation, concrete pours, earthwork, and underground system installation.  The new construction, done within just weeks, was required to move functionality of existing plant air and nitrogen systems from one of the large site process buildings to enable DOE turnover of the building to Decontamination and Demolition (D&D) contractors.

Geiger Brothers also has completed infrastructure contracts in 2009 and 2010 for Theta Pro2Service Management Company (TPMC) and LATA Parallax Portsmouth (LPP) on the Pike County site, in part also to prepare for site D&D.In In 2007 Geiger Brothers contracted with TPMC to construct and renovate the Northeast Bypass Road (also known as Fog Road) on the DOE reservation.  Prior to making the road available for public use, a number of upgrades were required.  Upgrades included widening the road to accommodate two nine-foot lanes; paving the 7,600-foot road; creating two-foot-wide gravel berms; replacing guardrails; repairing two bridges that span Little Beaver Creek; and installing fences and gates.  The road connects the North Access Road to the East Access Road, enabling the public and site employees to navigate around the site and helping decrease emergency response time to area residents. Construction of the road was completed in four months, on schedule.  Funding for the project was through the DOE as well as the U.S. Department of Transportation.

State of Ohio

Geiger Brothers performed reconstruction and renovation of the “J” and “K” cell blocks at the State of Ohio’s Southern Ohio Correctional Facility at Lucasville. All work was completed under strict security and maintained all state regulations and requirements.

County Government

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners, through the Jackson County Engineer, awarded contracts to Geiger Brothers in late summer 2009 for the renovation of three truss bridges.

Geiger Brothers provided design services in addition to removing, rehabilitating and replacing the bridges. Truss structural steel upgrades were done in Geiger Brothers' Jackson fabrication facility.

Work began in mid-September and by early December the bridges were open on Jimes-Emery Road and Brohard Road.  The third bridge, located on Four Mile Road, was done in 2010.

The trusses weigh four to six tons.   Geiger Brothers sandblasted and then reinforced truss members and gusset plates, and replaced stringers and floor beams.  Components were galvanized before being put back in place.  The following photographs show sequence of activities in rehabilitating these truss bridges.