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    Construction of USEC Inc.’s commercial demonstration cascade for the American Centrifuge Research, Development & Demonstration program begin in March 2012 and was finished in April 2013. This set the stage for full commercial plant deploymen to support USEC’s continued enrichment of uranium for sale on the international market. Geiger Brothers was the lead contractor during construction activities, given responsibility for performing all Quality Level 1 and 2 activities based on USEC audits and rating of the Geiger Brothers quality management program. The project consisted of installation of prefabricated centrifuge service modules. These modules included piping, electrical and control components and miscellaneous connections for supporting 120 centrifuge machines. Geiger Brothers was responsible for unloading the service modules from special delivery carriers, transporting each to the installation location, raising the modules into place, and then completing all structural, electrical and piping connections. Each activity required significant quality control measures. All activities were performed using work packages as a basis for not only the construction, but also to document all work steps such as bolting, welding, electrical connections and other critical tasks. These packages became the basis for the record documents that provided the owner with complete traceability of all work completed. All installed piping was prefabricated based upon modeling. Each pipe spool, individually marked, was controlled to the appropriate quality level and cleanliness maintained throughout receipt, storage and installation. Cleanliness checks were performed on a daily basis while piping was installed to ensure integrity throughout installation.

    • Work to NQA-1 & 10 CFR 50
    • Audited QL-1 Suplier
    • Lead Contractor