About Us

Geiger Brothers has provided superior construction products to its clients in the Tri-State area of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia since 1909.

While our continuous service to the region is impressive, and something of which Geiger Brothers can always be proud, we continually strive to be better prepared in an economy that is always changing – for us, and for our clients. Geiger Brothers has invested in equipment and technology-based products to further the efficiency and quality in our construction of structural and mechanical systems.

While we embrace change and will always commit the necessary resources to work for our customers, the enduring commitment of our people is what will continue to set us apart. Quality, dedication and service – Geiger Brothers staff and field personnel embody these values. They always have. They always will.

The terms of skilled “mechanic” or “craftsman” can be applied across the board to Geiger Brothers’ partners in labor. The training and experience of these men and women has allowed us to complete a wide range of diverse projects.

As our customer base has become more sophisticated and challenged us to perform additional services we have responded and are supplying in-house capabilities that no other area contractor has, including:

From the onset, Geiger Brothers partners with its customers to accomplish quality projects safely and economically. If you are an owner requiring construction services that range from handling turnkey design/build projects to existing facility maintenance, and demand professional service and results, consider turning to Geiger Brothers.