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    The leadership of Geiger Brothers is personally committed to an unrelenting effort of providing the safest and most quality conscience workforce to our clients. Across the board our people are determined to deliver projects in a fashion that represent these fundamental values in all of our markets and everything we do.


    A veteran and dynamic staff of talented people symbolic of our 100-plus year history of success gives Geiger Brothers a distinct advantage. Leveraging that experience for our customers allows us the ability to provide consistent and superior performance for their construction, engineering and fabrication needs.


    The passion to strive for continuous improvement and enhance our professional and craft skills and training is evident throughout Geiger Brothers. Whether it is sustainability, energy conservation measures, or the latest in building modeling, we are aware of the need to be creative and forward-thinking for our customers.


      The ability to self-perform work – any work – is what defines us. It is that simple. It is who we are and it has been in our DNA for over a century. Geiger Brothers is a multi-craft, multi-discipline contractor that can check the box for any project.

      WHAT WE DO

        Our “one call” approach to customer service allows customers to focus on their priorities while Geiger Brothers fulfills their Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Service needs with efficiency and effectiveness.

        For MEP Service and Maintenance, please call 614-347-9200 or email service@geigerbrothers.com.

        WHAT WE DO

          After over a century of producing pipe fabrication Geiger Brothers’ shop in Jackson, Ohio is outfitted with the latest in welding technology. Our highly skilled craft-persons are certified and tested to hundreds of customized weld procedures for carbon, stainless steel, monel, and other high alloy materials.

          WHAT WE DO

            Being able to support our customers with engineering and design services in-house for our construction and fabrication work allows us an effective way to deliver projects. Geiger Brothers accomplishes this in a variety of methods either directly with our four staff engineers or combining them with external resources to best serve the job at hand.

            OUR LOCATIONS

            Geiger Brothers is headquartered in Jackson, Ohio, with offices in Columbus, Ohio and Knoxville, Tennessee. We provide construction services in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee.