Geiger Brothers is excited to be involved with Speyside Bourbon Cooperage on another of that company’s barrel manufacturing plants, this time around in Atkins, Virginia. Geiger Brothers will once again be involved in the early construction stages of a Speyside cooperage. This new facility will be very similar to the existing cooperage in Jackson, Ohio.

As before in Jackson, Speyside has once again asked Geiger Brothers to erect three concrete tunnels at Atkins to be used for steam saturation of the new barrels and also parts of the finishing line. These “tunnels” will be part of the assembly line, and will be used on every barrel produced by Speyside.

Speyside Bourbon Cooperage, Inc., is an offspring of Speyside Cooperage Ltd., which was founded in Scotland in 1947. Speyside currently operates two cooperages in Scotland and two in the United States, one in Kentucky and one in Ohio. The Kentucky facility repairs and redistributes used barrels.

In April of 2015 Speyside announced the opening of the bourbon barrel cooperage in Jackson, Ohio (a former Merillat facility). The Jackson cooperage was the first Speyside facility to focus solely on the production of new, charred, white oak barrels for the bourbon industry.